Fallow Deer Hunting in Africa

Interesting facts about the fallow deer

  • These deer are mostly from the Mediterranean regions of southern Europe. But, because of hundreds of years of transporting and selling, their exact origins are unknown. Because of this transportation, they are also the most widespread exotic deer worldwide.
  • Fallow deer have a very pronounced Adam’s apple. Not sure what kind of deer you’re looking at? If you can spot an Adam’s apple, it’s probably a fallow deer!
  • There are three color variations of fallow; white, tan with white spots, and brownish in color almost to the point of being black. You’ll often see spots on a light brown coat, but coloration is highly varied. Up to 14 variations occur from white through shades of red brown to dark brown and some adults retain their original spotted markings. Whatever color they are born will be the color they retain for life.
  • Fallow deer have a decent sense of smell and hearing, but very good vision. They have six types of vocalizations: barking, which is an explosive alarm call used by females; bleating, which is produced by females during parturition or with their young; mewing, given by any deer during submission postures; peeping, produced by fawns in distress or contacting their mothers; wailing, an intense distress sound by a fawn older than 2 days; and growling, produced by rutting males.
  • Fallow deer are sociable and compatible with other species, except for the rutting males.
  • One of the most interesting things about the fallow deer is its history with George Washington! He was one of the earliest exotic raisers in the U.S. and purchased his first “English deer,” which is assumed to have been a fallow deer. Fun fact, fallow deer still exist on the historical George Washington property at Mount Vernon.
  • Did you know that bucks do not eat during the rutting season?

The difference between a male and female fallow deer

Fallow Deer males or bucks are larger than females or does. Male fallow deer carry antlers while females do not.

Fallow Deer male sitting on the grass

Fallow Deer Male

Fallow Deer female male standing on the grass

Fallow Deer Female

Background information on African Fallow Deer Hunting

The male fallow deer is known as a buck, the female is a doe, and the young a fawn. Adult bucks are 55 – 63 inches long, 33 – 40 inches in shoulder height, and typically 130 - 180 pounds in weight; does are 51–59 inches long, 30 – 33 inches in shoulder height, and 66 – 110 pounds in weight. Fawns are born in spring. Their lifespan is around 12–16 years.

Agile and fast in case of danger, fallow deer can run at a maximum speed of 30 mph over short distances. Fallow deer can also make jumps up to 5.8-foot-high and up to 17 feet in length.

Fallow Deer buck. Where to place your shot when fallow deer hunting in Africa.

Shot Placement for Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow Deer Hunting in South Africa

Your fallow deer trophy should have an average shoulder height of around 36 inches and weigh about 140 pounds.

Fallow Deer from Europe were introduced near Cape Town, South Africa, in 1869 by the British. Since then, numbers have increased dramatically and many have been trans-located to various regions throughout South Africa. An extremely interesting animal to hunt especially during the rut, when stags can be heard calling and one can detect and stalk stags by the sound of crashing antlers. During the rut, the deer lose all fear of humans and become obsessed with mating - hunting during this time can be one of the most exciting hunts to be a part of. The rut for fallow deer runs from March - June and hunters looking at hunting fallow deer in rut must be advised: the earlier in the rut the better. Stags lose their antlers towards the end of September into October, with regrowth starting almost immediately in Spring.

Fallow Deer are widespread in the Eastern Cape in particular in the Bedford region. Most fallow deer are shot while hunting other trophies.

Fallow Deer hunting in Africa. Shot placement

Fallow Deer vital organs for shot placement

Hunt the fallow Deer much as you would the white tail of North America. He is most active during early morning and late afternoon hours. Set up along game trails or near food plots and pastures where he is likely to be found grazing. Your favorite deer rifle will be more than adequate in the taking of fallow deer.

For those hunters who do not wish to go through the red tape of having to bring a rifle in to South Africa Nick Bowker Hunting has available a 7mm custom made Remington Magnum fitted with a suppressor. The rifle is mounted with a Swarovski Z8 tactical scope. We have hand loaded Hornady ELD-X ammunition. This set up including ammunition is available as part of all hunting packages free of charge.

IDENTIFICATION: A medium sized deer with more color variations than any other. Color ranges from white all the way to chocolate brown/black. During the summer months, most are a rich brown with white spots; in Winter, the coat becomes much thicker and rougher, turning a darker color. A broad, black, dorsal line runs from the neck to the rump, and broadens to include the tail. The underparts are lighter in color to white. Males have a prominent Adams apple.

A Fallow Deer trophy hunted in South Africa with Nick Bowker Hunting. One of Africa’s leading hunting safari outfitters

Fallow Deer Trophy taken with Nick Bowker. Your Professional Hunter and Outfitter