The hunt of a lifetime in South Africa

Our Unique Value for Money packages.

Seven animals from $4500

Your Hunting Party will be the only Hunters in Camp.
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Our Unique Value for Money Hunting Packages.

Seven Trophies from $4500

Your Hunting Party will be the only Hunters in Camp.
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African Big Game and Plains Game Hunts.

More than 30 species of trophy quality game hunting in South Africa.

500 km2 of available hunting area spanning 4 biospheres in close proximity.
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Authentic Free Range African Hunting.

South African Hunting Safari.

We Practice Fair Chase Hunting. No Captive Bred or Planted Animals.
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First Time African Hunters Welcome.

25 Years of African Hunting Experience.

Your Professional Hunter & Outfitter Nick Bowker will be with you through out Your Journey in Africa.
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Africa Hunting

Hunting in the Eastern Cape South Africa. Your destination for an African Hunting Safari. Join Nick Bowker, your Professional Hunter and Outfitter for an African Hunting trip of a lifetime. See my hunt reports and blogs below

Waterbuck hunting in Africa

September 2019

Armando back hunting in Africa

Armando was back with his wife Roberta for their fifth African hunting safari. Previously Armando had made two hunting trips to Namibia, one hunting trip to the Limpopo region and another hunting trip to the Eastern Cape. Armando was looking for a high quality Lechwe, Nyala, Waterbuck and Bushbuck trophies in a free-range environment.

As usual I was on hand to meet Armando and Roberta at the Port Elizabeth airport after their long trip from Italy to South Africa. We made the around two-hour trip back to Olivefountain lodge where Armando and Roberta settled in to their accommodation.

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Black Wildebeest hunt in Africa

August 2019

African Hunting Safari – The Czechs arrive

Rob Bowker collected us from the Port Elizabeth airport for Andre’s first African hunting safari in Africa. I was returning for my second African hunting Safari in South Africa, with Nick Bowker Hunting. I had an excellent previous experience with Nick and was keen to bring my good friend Andre for some free-range hunting in the Eastern Cape - South Africa. Nick is an African hunting safari Outfitter with more than 25 years of professional hunting experience. Both Andre and I were hunting Nicks seven animal package consisting of a Kudu, Black Wildebeest, Spring buck, Impala, Warthog White Blesbok and Mountain Reedbuck.

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Kudu hunting in Africa

April 2019

Our African Hunting trip with Nick Bowker Hunting

It has been seven years since our last African hunting trip to the Eastern Cape with Nick Bowker Hunting. While there are a few minor changes (some upgrades to the bar/dinner area), most things were very similar. Most importantly, the experience and animals once again greatly exceeded our expectations. Being this was my hunting buddy and my second time over, we wanted to go after some different animals to get a little different African hunting experience, but we also wanted to go after of few of the same game as our first round given how impressive these animals are and how much we enjoyed going after them previously. In 2012, both of us took a Kudu, Mountain Reedbuck, Springbuck, Impala, Warthog and Blesbuck. Nick has very appealing hunting packages available for South African Plains Game.

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