Client Recommendations

Client Recommendations

Client recommendations for Nick Bowker Hunting. A leading African Outfitter and guide

“One of my elk hunting buddies met Nick at an SCI event in 2001. He went on a trip in 2002 with Nick and had a phenomenal experience. During several elk hunts, he would always say “We should go to South Africa where we could shoot 6-8 trophies for the cost of one of these elk hunts” (minus airfare). It was tough to believe that was true as I always heard how expensive SA hunting is. Because I trusted his judgment and his one-time experience, three of us gave it a try in 2012 (two of us for the first time, one person went for the second time). Shortly into this 2012 trip I knew I would be returning. Honestly, due to our experience we didn't even look at or consider going with a different outfitter. I am sure there are several great PH's, but what Nick provides is exactly what I want. No high-fenced hunting, all fair chase with the ability to see thousands of animals a day. Nick's knowledge and skills allow us to identify shooters and position us for ethical shots. His accommodations are perfect for what I want. Not a 5-star lodge with 6, 8 or 12 other hunters, but just our group. Extremely comfortable accommodations, top-notch staff and fantastic food and drink! Not once in my two trips with Nick have we seen another hunter in the field. His access to free-range hunting is amazing. I guess you could say I was lucky to know the right person that happened to meet and go on a Safari with Nick!”

Client recommendation from Dan Parker
2012 and 2019

“I met Nick in 2002, through a friend of mine. I was looking for an Elk hunt and my friend Steve P. suggested I meet Nick Bowker, a Professional Hunter from South Africa. Nick was coming to town for a Safari Club event and the Outdoorsman show in Reno. Nick and I met, and we talked about the services he offer’s, and we discussed expectations and set some parameters. He gave us great info regarding shipping gear and guns to RSA, and he set up the balance of in-country travel, lodging, meals, trackers, skinners, etc. He picked us up in Port Elizabeth and took us to his ranch house near Bedford. It's the perfect place to get away from a hectic life and relax, while having a world-class experience hunting African game. The lodge is quaint and is exactly what I expected. The meals are incredible and were much welcomed at the end of each day's adventures. As far as the hunting goes... well, you will see more animals in 1 day that you will see in 10 years hunting in the US. RSA is awesome. We crawled through thickets and climbed atop outcroppings and had a great time spotting and stalking. Nick is the consummate professional and exceeded my expectations. With his expertise and guidance, I bagged some very incredible game, and we did our best to eat our belly's full of it every day. My tracker and skinner were Alvin and Room. I swear they can spot the smallest spec in the Bush and get you right where you need to be and the rest is up to you. My time with Nick was idyllic, and he is a lifelong friend because of it. If you want a great hunting experience with a guy you can trust, look no further than Nick Bowker, Professional Hunter!”

Client recommendation from Randall Severini