Getting to South Africa

First world airports and easy affordable travel make South Africa a convenient and trouble free hunting destination. There are daily flights between the US and Europe and South Africa. Delta flies out of Atlanta and South African Airways flies out of Washington DC and New York daily. Both airlines carry firearms. Although relatively long the flights are very affordable and comfortable. There are both direct flight options and if you prefer to break the flight up then there are options through Europe or the Middle East from the United States.

If you are carrying Rifles we suggest direct flights from the United States using South African Airways or Delta. We do not recommend carrying rifles in transit via Europe or the Middle East.

Only South African Airways ( SAA ) will fly your guns inside South Africa. This is very important when booking your flights. SAAirlink, Mango, SAFAIR and Kalula are budget airlines and will NOT carry your guns. If The flight says SAA operated by Airlink or Mango then these flights will NOT carry guns. The Flight MUST say 'OPERATED BY SAA'.

With internet search websites booking flights has never been easier. Others may prefer the security of a professional to book their flights and assist with all travel plans. We would suggest a specialized hunting travel agent. Getting to and from South Africa should not cost more than $1500 to $2000. The Skyscanner application below can be used to plan your trip to South Africa.


After a short two hour flight from Johannesburg you will arrive in Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth is at the Southern Tip of Africa. Nick Bowker will meet you at the airport and drive you inland to Bedford which is in the heart of the East Cape midlands.

Bedford is a rural town in the centre of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It was established in the mid-19th century. It is located on the southern edge of the Winterberg mountain range. Bedford is around two hours from Port Elizabeth and our lodges are about 20 minutes drive from Bedford. See lodging options.

Bedford South Africa - A vibrant country district famous for our annual Garden Festival (second-to-last weekend in October), fun-loving farmers and fabulous hospitality, Bedford is waiting to welcome you.

The historic village is tucked up against the Kaggaberg mountain (part of the Winterberg range) and our farms stretch across extensive grasslands and up into the dramatic Mankazana, Cowie and Baviaans River valleys. Angoras, merinos, beef cattle, goats and game are to be seen all over.

Huge skies, fresh air, friendly people and overwhelming natural beauty bring our visitors back again. Some end up staying forever.

Why South Africa

An estimated 7600 trophy hunters visited South Africa in 2016. Their trips lasted, on average, 12 days.

There is more wildlife in South Africa than there was 50 or 60 years ago. There are now estimated 25 million head of game in the country compared to the 1950 when there were less than half a million individuals left.

South Africa shares a special place in the hearts and minds of many hunters and non-hunters alike. In addition to the world famous Kruger National Park, South Africa is home to nearly 150 other national parks and reserves including those dedicated to nature, marine life, forestry, botany as well as other unique interests. For decades these parks have welcomed millions of visitors each year. The film and television industries have produced hundreds of movies and documentaries on African wildlife which have often been filmed within the parks and reserves of South Africa. All the above has done well to promote South Africa as a kind of Eden where it's possible to tour comfortably in a 4x4 amid abundant and exotic wildlife.

The area you will be hunting in South Africa is safe and secure place to visit.

In 25 years of the safari business we have never had any incidents. You will be in a remote sparsely populated area with Nick Bowker your professional hunter and guide 24 hours a day. Nick and his family have been living in the area since the 1820s. Bedford has had no incidents of unrest.


Mild Climate

We hunt all year round however the best months for hunting are March through September. Bedford has a mild climate. Bedford receives around 390 millimeters of rain per year with most rain falling in Autumn and Summer in the form of thunderstorms. The average midday temperatures range from 18 degrees in June to 28 degrees in January. The region is the coldest in July when the the temperature drops to 4 degrees at night. The average night time low is 10 degrees.


No Malaria

We hunt in a malaria free area at all times! Private hospitals and medical care are available in the surrounding area. You are recommended to have inoculations against typhoid and hepatitis A and B as well as tetanus. Consult your doctor for your specific circumstances.


Easy to travel to

You will fly to Johannesburg or Cape Town and then take a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth. Nick will meet you in Port Elizabeth at the airport and drive you to the hunting lodge.

The hunting lodge is two hours drive from Port Elizabeth in the Bedford district. Alternatively if you are departing from Europe we are able to accompany you from your final port of departure in Europe to Port Elizabeth.