Authentic Free Range African Hunting.

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We Practice Fair Chase Hunting. No Captive Bred or Planted Animals.
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Authentic South African Free Range Hunting

Hunt South Africa

I conduct my Hunting in a Free Range environment with no high fences.
The unique topography provides some of the finest hunting grounds in the world.


Olivefountain Ranch sits on an escarpment (2200 feet above sea level) and has four unique biospheres within half an hour’s drive. This unique change in biospheres results in a huge animal diversity.

  • To the south of the ranch is the deep valley bush veld. These deep wide valleys with thick riverine bush are the home of the Eastern Cape kudu as well as Bushbuck, Nyala, Warthog, and Bush pig. The sides of the valleys/canyons make for great vantage points. A lot of time is spent at theses elevated points glassing for trophies.
  • At the start of the plateau above the valley bush veld lies savanna and woodlands in amongst small plateaus. The savanna and woodlands are the home of such species as Impala, Sable, Zebra, Waterbuck and Mountain Reedbuck. The plateaus also make great vantage points for glassing and the start of many long stalks.
  • The savanna gradually gives way to the long rolling Bedford plains. These grass plains were once the place of vast animal migrations across the Eastern Cape. These plains are where Springbuck, Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest are found. The Plains Game are often ambushed and the endless anthills found out on these plains make for a good hiding place. The Plains give way to the Kaggaberg Mountain range. The Kaggaberg mountain range contains thick steep valleys and box canyons. The mountains contain Eland as well as Bushbuck and Kudu.
Hunt South Africa


Stalk your quarry in the thick bush or open savanna. Feel the adrenaline as you mount your stalk and attempt to outwit your quarry. Nick will get you close.


Nick has 500 km2 at his disposal. Nick has four different biospheres with in 20 minutes drive. Bedford provides one of the most unique hunting areas anywhere in the world.


Test you precision shooting skills at longer ranges on the open plains. A significant portion of the 500 km2 available for hunting is owned by Nick and his family.

Hunt South Africa

I conduct my Hunting in a Free Range environment with no high fences.
The unique topography provides some of the finest hunting grounds in the world.

Hunt South Africa Hunt South Africa

Free Range Hunting versus Free Roaming

Much has been written about Free Range Hunting and fair Chase Hunting. Free Range Hunting can be defined as kept in natural conditions, with freedom of movement. No man-made barrier prevents the animal’s movement.

Another concept is that of "free-roaming" in South Africa is that the animals are born, breed, live and die on the property.

Wilderness Hunting

If you are looking for a true wildness hunt you will need to hunt in areas like Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. In these areas you will be hunting without any fences or man-made obstacles such as a barrier in the form of public roads.

This remoteness comes at a cost with expensive day fees been mandatory as well as extra time and cost to get to these wilderness areas. These costs come before you have even seen an animal. For many the cost and time are prohibitive.

South African hunting areas that are not high fenced

These areas do not have high fences but rather four-foot barbed wire fences designed to stop the movement of sheep and cattle. The vast majority of animals have the ability to move and roam at will. Certain animals will be held in check such as Wildebeest.

These non-high fenced areas belong to the local farming community. Outfitters who hunt exclusively in these areas are often farmers and have dual income from both farming and outfitting.

You will struggle to find a property in South Africa or Namibia with no fences somewhere along the line, be it a park border, high fence on a neighboring property or barrier to public roads.

South African hunting areas that are high fenced

The majority of hunting in South Africa is done behind high fences. The size of the high fenced areas varies greatly. The high fencing is often a necessity for Outfitters from an economic perspective. For these typically larger high fenced outfitters, outfitting is often their only source of income.

These larger high fenced outfitters need to replenished trophies as a result of hunting and genetics. This has however made South Africa the most affordable hunting destination in the world. No-where else can you hunt so many species at a cost that was not dreamed about two or three decades ago.

Long range hunting in South Africa

We also offer long range hunting for enthusiasts. Bedford provides an ideal terrain for long range hunting with wide valleys and plains. We limit our distances to approximatly 650 meters.

We target Impala, Springbuck, Blesbuck, Mountain reedbuck and Warthog for long range hunting. We have a standard rate of $250 for males and $100 for females for non trophy animals for the aforementioned target list.

Long range hunting provides the chance for hunters to truly test their shooting and hunting skills and the opportunity for making a significant amount of shots during a days hunting. There are few places in the world with similar diversity and volume of wild animals available at these prices.

Nick is also long range hunting enthusiast with significant experience with tactical scopes and hand loading ammunition. We have tactical and digital Swarovski scopes available for use. Use of these scopes is included in the daily rate. We also offer driven hunts for the above mentioned species on the same conditions.