First Time African Hunters Welcome.

25 Years of African Hunting Experience.

Your Professional Hunter & Outfitter Nick Bowker will be with you through out Your Journey in Africa.
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First time hunters?
Yes, it's safe, fast and legal.

Taste the excitement of walk and stalk...

Safe under supervision of a professional. No previous experience required. It's legal, because of professional supervision. Start on the bench, work your way up to stick shooting in less than a day. You probably do not have a rifle, we have the right equipment for your skills. We offer hunting for first time hunters.

Nick has significant experience and patience with first time hunters. Nick will get you up and running on the first day of your Safari. First shooting of a bench at targets followed by shooting off sticks at targets and gongs.

Nick's approach will be to walk and stalk getting you close to your quarry before making your shot. Rifle hire and ammunition is included in the daily rate. South Africa has very friendly regulatory environment for foreign hunters.

First time hunters shooting sticks shooting off sticks


Bringing hunting firearms into South Africa is relatively easy with thousands of Hunters bringing firearms in to South Africa every year. You do however need to be prepared. Hunters who bring their own rifles are required to comply with their local home country regulations and licensing requirements including proof of ownership. Only South African Airways (SAA) will fly your guns inside South Africa. This is very important when booking your flights. See Getting to South Africa. When travelling with firearms it is advisable to use the service of an agent in Johannesburg.

We suggest Henry Durheim. Henry will ensure you hold valid permits for your rifles while hunting in South Africa.

Henry charges $140 per rifle and will pre-register the firearms, meet you on arrival, take you through customs and accompany you to your connecting flight for an additional $100. Henry will need to be contacted at least a month prior to arrival.

If you are overnighting in Johannesburg we recommend the services of Afton Safari Lodge who also provide agency services for rifle permits. Afton charge a $100 for this service. See overnight accommodation in Johannesburg below.

The following needs to be sent to Henry or Afton at least a month in advance. See checklist below for detailed information.

  • Completed SAP 520 Form
  • Copy of Your Passport
  • Complete Flight Itinerary
  • US Customs Form 4457
  • Invitation letter from Nick Bowker Hunting

Basic regulations for a Temporary in Transit Import Permit

  1. No more than ONE firearm or shotgun per caliber or gauge.
  2. Only 200 rounds for each permitted firearm or shotgun will be allowed.
  3. Ammunition must be packed in a separate lockable box/case and placed in your checked luggage.
  4. No ammunition for other firearms (caliber or gauge) is permitted, in other words, do not try and bring ammunition for your PH's rifle.
  5. Firearms must bear the manufacturer's serial number or any other mark by which the firearm can be identified. The identification number must be stamped and the mark affixed in the prescribed manner on the barrel, the frame or the receiver of the firearm.
  6. Handguns will be allowed into the country, but only for hunting purposes. Any foreign visitor wanting to bring a handgun into the country, needs to produce a letter from a registered association of his/her country of origin, stating that he/she is a registered member of the association and that the handgun will be used exclusively for hunting purposes.

Prohibited firearms which may NOT be imported into South Africa, includes:

  • Any fully automatic weapon
  • Any semi-automatic weapon
  • No semi-automatic shotguns
  • Handgun(s) for self-defense
  • Weapons which fall under military categories

Overnight accommodation in Johannesburg

If you need to overnight in Johannesburg we recommend staying at Afton Safari Lodge. Rooms are reasonably priced and Afton specialize in the assistance of hunters.

A VIP Meet and assist service is also offered for $100 for up to four persons. You will be met at the aircraft door, and accompanied through through Customs and baggage handling. You will then collect your rifles and be driven to Afton Lodge where you will overnight. Afton will take you back the next day to catch your connecting flight

Traveling with children to South Africa

New requirements, introduced by the South African Department of Home Affairs from 2 April 2019, specify that all minors (children under 18 years) may be required to produce, in addition to their passport, an Unabridged Birth Certificate or passport which shows the details of both parents for all international travel to and from South Africa. Additional supporting documents may be required should they fall in a specific category. Customers are urged to obtain more information prior to travel.

Further documentation may be required. For full details please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

Check list for Rifle permit PACKING LIST