Armando back hunting in Africa

Day one African Lechwe hunt

We set off on a cold misty September morning to a neighbouring property higher up on the escarpment about 20 minutes’ drive away. We walked to a high point and began glassing and located three Lechwe bulls down in the valley. The mist was however very thick and they melted away in to the bush behind the mist. We left the trackers behind to try and locate the three bulls. We drove on to the next valley and moved ourselves to a high point and began glassing again. We spotted a herd of Lechwe but there was no trophy bull in amongst the herd. At around noon the trackers radioed to say they had found the three bulls form early in the morning. We joined up with the trackers and made about a mile-long stalk. The older bull was lying behind a tree and so we had to wait around an hour before he moved. We got in to position and Armando made a one shot kill.

Red Lechwe hunting in Africa

Red Lechwe hunting in Africa

The Lechwe we hunted are free ranging with normal cattle and sheep fences providing no impediment to the movement of the animals.

The late afternoon we went to look for a Bushbuck and spent the afternoon walking slowly down a river bed. We encountered a number of females and young rams but no older rams. Just before last light we found a good ram but before we could get in to position darkness descended and we had to abandon the hunt and make our way home. As always, we spent the evening in front of the fire discussing the hunt and making plans for the following day.

Day 2 African Nyala hunt

We left early and returned to the river bed in search of the previous evenings Bushbuck but he was nowhere to be found. We then went to try for a White Blesbok out on the plains. Conditions were however windy and we did not manage to get closer enough for a shot.

On the way, back we spotted a big Nyala bull heading in to a thicket at the bottom of a big valley. After glassing him at some length we decided to leave the Nyala and return in the evening. Later that evening we returned to look for the Nyala at the bottom of the valley below a big dam. We hid out in a dry creek to see if spot him. After some time, we were able to find the Nyala bull just below the dam wall and we mounted a stalk. Midway through the stalk some kudu cows got in between us and the Nyala and we had to wait until the kudu moved off. We finally got in to shooting range and Armando hit a little far back. The follow up shot was high on the front leg. The Nyala made a dash over the dam embankment and his momentum took him straight in to the water where he collapsed.

Nyala hunting in Africa

Nyala hunting in Africa

Day three African Waterbuck hunt

In the morning, we descended in to a deep valley in search of Waterbuck. Around mid-day we spotted two Waterbuck bulls with one being an excellent bull. We mounted a stalk. Half way in to the stalk we stumbled upon a sleeping Duiker which alerted the Waterbuck bulls and we returned back to camp for brunch.

In the afternoon, we went in to a new area and spotted a herd of Waterbuck with a nice bull. Again, we mounted a long stalk. Armando hit him high in the front leg. The Waterbuck bull went over a hill but a good blood spoor was evident.

Terrier catches Impala while hunting in Africa

We let Black Jack the long-haired terrier go, pictured above catching an impala from our last hunt. Black Jack is fitted with a GPS transmitter also pictured above. His position can be seen on a handheld device showing the direction and how many yards away from you he is. After 20 minutes or so the transmitter showed Black Jack as stationary about a mile away. As we began getting closer we could here Black Jack barking. We arrived to find Black Jack having bayed the Waterbuck which was exhausted. A well-placed shot finished the hunt.

Waterbuck hunting in Africa

Day 4 African Bushbuck hunt

We spent the morning looking for a Warthog. After some driving and glassing we found an enormous boar having a mud bath. However, he up and moved shortly after we began our stalk.

We decided to move back to the area where we saw the large Bushbuck. Waiting patiently while carefully glassing the area he stepped out about 100 yards to our left. A well-placed shot from Armando and we had a fantastic trophy. This was the last animal Armando needed to complete his fifth African hunting trip.

Armando a master SCI measurer was delighted as all his trophies made the SCI qualification with ease. I explained that this does not always happen while hunting in Africa. On the final day Armando and Roberta spent the day relaxing at Olivefountain lodge. They also accompanied me to the great Fish river about half an hour drive from the lodge. A rogue hippo was in one of the farmers land and I was setting up camera traps to ascertain the movements of the hippo.

Bushbuck hunting in Africa

Bushbuck hunting in Africa