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We Practice Fair Chase Hunting. No Captive Bred or Planted Animals.
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Nick Bowker
  • I am a small personalized Outfitter in the Eastern Cape midlands in Bedford South Africa and have been a Professional Hunter and Outfitter for 25 years.
  • My family have been living in the area for five generations and hunting is in our blood.
  • I have been hunting in the Bedford area my entire life and am familiar with every single corner of your hunting concessions.
  • Your Hunt will be a fair chase in a Free Range Hunting environment. I do not hunt behind high fences.
  • The Eastern Cape is one of the safest areas to hunt in Africa. I have never had a security incident of any kind throughout my career as a Professional Hunter.
  • I will be guiding you myself for your entire Hunting Safari and will be with you from when I pick you up to when I drop you off at the Port Elizabeth airport.
  • First Time African hunters are welcome. I will be with you through every step of your journey on your African Safari.
  • Your hunting concession extends throughout the Bedford area and you will not see another Hunter during your Safari with me.
  • The core Hunting area is 30 thousand hectares with access to the adjacent Bedford area which is around 200 thousand hectares.
  • The lodging options are situated in the middle of my hunting concessions and there will be no need to drive long distances before you start hunting.
  • South Africa has become the premier hunting destination in the world. Offering first world infrastructure and hospitality. The diversity of available trophies and cost of a Safari are not comparable anywhere else in the world.
  • The Bedford area has a unique topography and offers over 30 species of African Big Game and Plains Game.
  • I offer unique highly competitive Rates and Packages. My packages are All Inclusive and there are no hidden costs from when I pick you up to when I drop you off at the Port Elizabeth airport.
  • To keep high quality Trophies, I limit the number of hunting parties to Eight per year.
  • The sheer number of animals will astound you. You will see more animals in one day than you will see in 10 years in the United States. For the cost of an Elk Hunt you can shoot seven African Trophies. See what my clients say. Hunt Recommendations.
  • My brother Rob Bowker is assisting me in the hunting business. Rob grew up hunting on the family farms but has been living and working in Europe for the last 20 years.
  • Rob can accompany you from your main point of departure in Europe to the hunting lodge should you so wish as well as meet you in any capital city in Europe to discuss tailoring your hunting safari.

Nothing beats a day in the African bush and doing long stalks and trying to outwit your quarry. Many hours are spent glassing animals before mounting a stalk on a selected quarry so a high-quality pair of binoculars is a must. I have the latest 4x4 Hunting vehicles at my disposal, capable of any terrain. Expert trackers who have hunted with me my whole life will help guide you.

Hunt South Africa
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